Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Kashus!!

Yes, it has been almost 1 year since I've last posted. Five kids ages 7 and under will do that to you. I know I haven't documented Nixon's birth yet either but that will come "when I have time."  :)

Today is Kashus's 6th Birthday! I can't believe he is six already!
Here is what we got him.
He's been riding a little 12" bike for some time now so he was definitely in need of an upgrade.
My morning was consumed by me, making this cake. I wanted it to be fun and creative yet easy so I came up with this. The kids loved it. Can't ask for more than that:) 

Laie Elementary has started a healthy program that encourages kids to eat healthier. Although I completely support the program and what it is ultimately trying to makes "treats" and "goodie bags" kind of hard. This was my last minute attempt to put together a healthy treat for Kashus's class for his b-day in lieu of cupcakes.
Kash and his buddy Sol Hannemann after school. They are ready to partay!
This year we let Kashus invite five of his buddies to a new place in Kapolei that opened up called itrampoline. It was a huge hit and the kids had a blast!

Even Knoxy had a blast jumping!

Kash and his buddies Joey and Sol and Justus waiting for their turn to jump in the foam pit.
Not as easy as it looks to get out, but SO worth it!!
This is where we spent the majority of our time.

 Knox just made up his own rules and liked to switch sides throughout the game as well as tagging out his own teammates:)
 Dean had no mercy on anyone! Poor kids never had a chance!
In action...
They worked up an appetite. Pizza for dinner!
 The party gang!

Obachan was a huge help in watching baby so I could jump too:)

 Justus and Joey

 We let Aya invite a friend so she wouldn't get "bored." Her good friend Nalei from class came to join in on the fun.

 Aya photo bombing my picture of Knox. Loving his orange soda-stache.
 That's his "smile"
 Brotherly love...
 Marky is off his mission and is here for a few months to work with Dean. #3 and #8 in a cute pic together. 
 Loving how Joey is "helping" Kash blow out his candles;)
The party was a success! Everyone had fun and all the kids were worn out and tired by the end and ready for bed when we got home!