Friday, February 1, 2013

We got chickens!!

I've always wanted to have chickens. Well, let me rephrase. I've always wanted to be able to have fresh eggs without all the added hormones and antibiotics that come with store bought eggs. Not to mention the organic ones I buy at the store aren't cheap! So Dean finally gave in and let me buy some chicks. The kids were super excited and I think it'll be good for them to learn how to take care of them.
These chickies were 2-3 days old when we got them. They were mailed in from Texas to a store in Kaneohe. We got a Plymouth Rock-brown eggs, two English Leghorns-white eggs, and an Auracauna-blue green eggs. They are so cute when they are so little and fuzzy.
 Here is Aya cuddling with them. They love to cuddle together in your lap.

 Kash's turn:)

 We usually took them out in the day time to let them roam around in the grass, but only when the sun was out, otherwise they needed the brooding lamp on them.
 Minnie, Chipmunk, Lucy and Kate.
(Aya has this thing with the names Lucy and Kate. It's usually her "go to" names when she is naming her dolls or playing house:)

Kash with Minnie.
Minnie is the nicest out of all of them. She lets the kids hold her more than the others.

Their outdoor play time. We like to let them roam and eat the grass and bugs a couple times a day.

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Diana Mansfield said...

They are so fluffy & cute. do they taste better?

I feel like you're an egg expert now. I had no idea there were so many types of chicken eggs. I wanna hear more about this when you come.