Friday, February 1, 2013

May 2012

May is one of the busiest months it seems in our family with school ending, different performances to attend, and three birthdays to celebrate!

Dean's 32nd Birthday!

I didn't have candles so I improvised with tooth picks!
Yes I'm ghetto and grown ups get shafted when it comes to birthday celebrations, but it was the thought that counts right? 
 The main thing was we got to spend time with family:)
Mid-chew shot of our birthday boy. 
We got to eat some yummy Japanese food to celebrate his B-day. 
Ok, so it was my selection but at least he likes Japanese food too!

Kash's Preschool Pre-graduation

I say pre-graduation because even though he participates in the graduation, he has yet another year at Bright Beginnings Preschool. I love this school! He has really excelled here and is loving meeting new friends and participating in all the activities they do. He is already starting to form words and read very simple books. I love that he'll be so prepared for kindergarten when that time comes!

Kashus age 4

A few of his little buddies

Aya's moving onto 1st grade!

Aya and her cute Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Kristen. I was a bit worried about her attending Hauula Elementary School, but we are pleasantly suprised at the program there and her teacher.
She did really well and has continued to excel in all her subjects at school. Her teacher said she was a little bit shy at first but throughout the year she opened up and did great!!

Spring Olympics 2012

Aya participated in gymnastics this year and is doing really well.
She is in level 3 now and loves practicing her cartwheels and backbend kickovers.

Her Class


May 27th is a big day here in the Daley household. Aya and Knox both share the same Birthday!!

For Aya's birthday we decided to let her invite some of her closest friends and cousins and let them get pampered at Pigtails and Crewcuts in town. It was nice to not have to plan anything. We just took them to the store and they took care of the rest! The outfits were a little more shabby than I would have liked, but the girls didn't seem to mind and had a blast!
Here are some pics from the day...
Getting her make up done
Getting her hair did!
 Her BFF Quiksey getting her hair done
 All the stations. Nail, Makeup, and Hair
Strike a Pose!

 Jojo lovin the pampering and over the top make up!
Pizza break!

The Queen bee and her cute friends!

The runway walk

Can't believe my little girl is 6!

Knoxy boy!!

 Happy Birthday to my now one year old Knoxy boy! He blessed or lives couple days early one year ago today and get's to celebrate along with his big sister Aya on May 27th!
 We love him to pieces and love the energy and fun personality he brings to our famly.

Dare I let him eat it on his own?...
Goin for it...

He approves!

The after math...


Maile Fano said...

Man, you and Dean are still so young! I only wish I could still be 32. Aya is so cute in her gymnastics suite. Knox is such a cute little boy and he did a pretty good job eating his cupcake.

Diana Mansfield said...

Oh my, that little Knox...I can't wait to kiss him! I love your ghettoness of toothpicks over candles, I would of done the same thing except I prob would of attempted to light the toothpicks too.

This post makes me sad cause we missed Aya's princess bday & bright beginnings graduation.