Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kashus's 4th Birthday Party

This year for Kashus's 4th birthday, we celebrated a sports themed party at Kualoa beach park. It was supposed to be simple and low key but after browsing the Internet for ideas it turned out to be a bit over the top! It was lots of fun to plan though and the most important thing is that Kash loved it!

As the kids arrived we handed each child a goody bag that had 4 tickets in them. Each ticket was to be used to play each of the four sports stations, basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. After playing in each station, for instance, shooting 3 baskets, throwing the football through the hula hoop, kicking a soccer ball in the goal, and throwing the baseballs in the bucket, they received a prize that correlated with the sport they played. After the kids were done running around at all the stations we had other fun activities too!

Here are the cupcakes I made:)

Kash's basketball cake. Red velvet. Good thing I snapped a shot before the day of the party. It literally flipped over the second we got to the beach park setting up:(

This is what they looked like before being in the sun all day

Simple food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, fruits and veggies.
I had Hannah my baby sitter come to help cause I knew it'd be SO chaotic! Good thing cause she was such a HUGE help! She left us to go back to Utah to finish school there:( We love her and miss her dearly!

Di lookin all cute and pregnant

Rachel Plunkett. She took most of these pics and even made me a slide show! She is wonderful!

Jen and the Wolfesburgers

Ester and her cute baby that is only a couple days younger than Knox.

Auntie Jean!! She brought the younger Kurihara kids to the party. We love you!

The men's lounge area

Ahu, Leiana and Fay. Love them:)

Stephanie and Kash's classmate Ambrose
A little glimpse of the basketball station
Soccer station

Aya and Rumi manning the soccer station, receiving tickets and handing out the prizes.
This was the donut relay game. We had three teams of 5 kids each. Each kid ran to the string of donuts and ate just one. The first team to eat all donuts won!
Alex eyeing his donut very carefully before taking a munch. 

Mmm...powdered donuts!
 After the donut relay, I organized the kids into age groups for the races! The prize? Home made sugar cookies decorated as baseballs wrapped in gold and silver foil to represent a gold medal and silver medal for 1st and 2nd place winners. I attached the cookie medals to a red, white, and blue ribbon to make it look like a medal.

Kawana and Bella

These three ran the 2-3 yr old race. Kawana won 1st and Justus was 2nd
Yay for Justus, he won 2nd place!
Here are the 4 yr olds.
And the winner is...I actually can't remember who won, but it looks like a close one!
Looks like Pono won 2nd place!
Mahea and Kumen in the 5-6 yr old race. Aya sat out on this one.
The 7 yr olds and up. They were super competitive and had to redo the race a few times.
Aya, Rumi, and Mahea
What's a party without a pinata!  Kash taking a swing...

The moment they've all been waiting for...

The Loot!
 The kids took a break from the party to dip into the ocean. It was a bit chilly and a little too much coral so not too fun to walk on, but it didn't seem to phase them too much.

Daddy and Knox

Our make shift windshield


Noe and Kash patiently awaiting their cake!

Four layer red velvet cake:)
I would say that the party was a success!! The kids had fun and I had fun planning it! Now for Aya's...something a lot more simple.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We love it when Ojichan and Obachan come!!

When Ojichan and Obachan come to Hawaii we get together ALOT! It's what we LOVE to do! Here is a run down of a few of things we did while they were here...

The Zoo

Dean and I got to get a way for an evening to celebrate our 8th year of marriage. We went to Morimoto's resturant. Not cheap but oh so YUMMY!

We even visited Gunstock Ranch when they were in our neck of the woods. 

I couldn't let them come all the way to our side of the island without trying my ALL TIME FAVORITE frozen yogurt place! We hit up ONO YO! It was delicious as usual, and what better company to share this treat with than my wonderful family!!

Then of course we hit up the beach! This is the beach by Airi's place. It was a nice day of relaxing and hanging out with cousins. My mom and dad were relaxing at home since they weren't to keen on going to the beach.

Twins? I get asked that alot by strangers because they are almost the same size. Justus is catching up to Kashus fast.

Knox LOVES the water!

Even Daddy came! A very rare occasion:)

Kash and his beloved "surf board"

New Year's Eve picnic!

Since fireworks are illegal now, we just enjoyed our "snap its" and party poppers on the street. Not quite as exciting as previous years but I personally am fine with the ariel ones.