Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brad Christopher Barton 3/5/1980 - 10/4/2011

Anyone who knew Brad knew he was a "one of a kind" individual. He was so intelligent, kind, witty, and outgoing. He was the type of person that anyone could talk to and they would feel completely comfortable opening up to him in a matter of minutes. Dean and I would laugh sometimes because he was always willing to pick up random hitch hikers on the side of the road and offer them rides. He inturn would get a kick out of asking them questions and learning their life story. He was just easy to talk to.

Dean and Brad became instant friends their freshman year at BYUH. They were both part of the 6 freshmen that made the men's basketball team. He was the most loyal friend anyone could ask for. Dean and Brad spent so much time together that sometimes I'll admit at times I got jealous and felt as though Brad and I were fighting for Dean's attention. I have no doubt in my mind that Brad would have done anything for Dean and vice versa. I can't believe he is actually gone.

Brad passed away in his home Monday night October 4th from a seizure caused by Type I Diabetes. He's battled it since he was 14 and we were well aware of its severity. Dean can recall many times when he had to stab Brad with a glucose shot during his seizures. It's scary and he always feared Brad would one day have a seizure and no one would be there to give him the glucose shot when needed. We just didn't think it would be this soon.

I'm grateful that we had the priviledge and opportunity to have known such an amazing person. I'm also grateful that Dean was able to speak to him one last time a few days before his passing. It seemed all too convenient that they spoke that day. So many people have been influenced and affected by his passion of life and especially his passion and love for basketball. He was one of a kind and will dearly be missed!! We love you Brad Christopher Barton. R.I.P.

post game dinner:)

Me, Brad, and Nate
(Althletic Banquet)

Bradley and I

Athletic Banquet.

Brad, Misty, Thomas, me, Lynette, Nate, Dean, Isaac

Visiting Brad in Utah... His stomping grounds.

Going boating on Brad's friend's boat. So fun! (Back when Deano had hair:)

Brad's love for the game was so evident by everyone! He loved it, lived it, and breathed it. Even though Diabetes gave him restrictions, he never let it slow him down...even when he probably should have.

Seattle trip to play Seattle Pacific University. My friends Crystal and Desiree took them out on the town.

Summer trip to Utah to visit Brad.

Dean, Emily, Me, Kimo, and Brad chillin in our house on "The Point."

Fall Ball

Team Karaoke night.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kashus's Poor Toe


Just a forewarning that there is a pretty gruesome photo in here so don't look if you cannot handle.

I don't know if it's a boy thing or just a kid thing in general, but I feel like my kids, or shall I say my boys are constantly getting hurt. I don't think a day goes by that Justus doesn't get hurt in some way or another. He is constantly getting new bruises and falling down. Kashus on the other hand has had the traumatic accidents that will forever haunt me. This past Sunday was supposed to be the start of an uplifting spiritual week with General Conference and it ended up being a pretty tough week.

A couple weeks ago I purchased these bar stools. When we purchased them, Dean and I were concerned that the kids would fall off them because they have no backs on them. So we decided that they were not allowed to sit on them at all. Well what we should have told the kids is that they aren't allowed to touch them at all!

Sunday morning as I was in the kitchen cooking, Kashus, who always wants to help me, grabs one of the bar stools, leans it towards him and begins pushing and sliding it on the floor. He usually grabs a small stool or chair but this time he grabbed the new stool so that he could use it to prop himself up and help me. Well, it slipped out of his little fingers and the solid wood stool slammed down on his poor little toe.

It was awful! Screaming, crying, blood, etc. His toe was smashed up pretty bad! I ran around franticly looking for a towel, helichrisum oil to stop the bleeding, tylenol for the pain, all the while, Dean was calmly holding Kashus's toe and waiting in the van for me so we could go to the ER. Thank goodness Dean's little brother mark was there to stay with Aya and Justus while we rushed off to the ER. It was quite a traumatizing ordeal for Kash. They had to strap poor Kashus down when we were at the ER and Dean had to practically lay on him while they stitched up his toe. I am horrible with this kind of stuff too so I was really traumatized by it.

Well this is what he came home with the day of the incident. It was pretty gruesome so I didn't take any pictures without the gauze at first. I could barely look at it when they were working on it at the hospital.

This is what it looks like today 4 days since the incident. The good news was that it was not broken. But they had to rip the poor toe nail off, which was pretty much off anyway and stitch the right, left, and middle of the huge laceration on his toe. The middle of the toe (where the nail should be) has gauze still attached because it would't come off. :( It surprisingly looks better than it did though, but still pretty bad.

I LOVE my kids but accidents like these make me think about limiting the number of kids I have! Its so stressful when they get hurt. I can't help but feel responsible for whatever happens to them. Kids are blessed with the ability to bounce back from situations like these. Thankfully Kashus in no exception. He is up and moving around everywhere. I have to be the one telling him constantly to slow down and rest his foot. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon:)