Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our little Gymnast

(photo by Amber Mozo)

Aya's been taking gymnastics this year. She LOVES it. She is now a level 2 and has learned to do cartwheels, forward rolls, and handstands. It's been fun to watch her get progressively better.

She goes twice a week. This is a pic of her Thursday class.
(B&W pictures courtesy of Carlos Mozo)

Aya not quite ready for the camera.

Today was their Spring Show. She performed her floor routine and showed us what she has been working on throughout the year on beam, and bars.

Waiting to be introduced...

Waiting to perform...

The beginning of her floor routine...

All the gymnasts in Cassandra's Gymnastics

All Pau with gymnastics until the fall!

My Preschool Graduate

Congrats on a terrific year!! I can't believe how fast time flies! Aya is off to kindergarten in the fall and I couldn't be more proud of her!

Aya's carpool buddy Branson

One of Aya's many teacher's Mrs. Wasson. They actually have teachers that rotate and teach different subjects like math, social studies, art, Phonics, P.E. etc. Mrs. Wasson is the owner and lady in charge of Bright Beginnings. I couldn't be happier with the school. Aya is already reading and well on her way to being a successful kindergartener:)

Me and my two boys...soon to be three:)

The next Bright Beginnings student!

The Fam

Pono, Aya, and Braedon

Aya and Justus.
That is his way of smiling these days...and the way he looks when we say prayer.

May Day

In Hawaii "May Day" is a day that is normally set aside as a day to celebrate island culture in general and native Hawaiian culture in particular. Every year all the kids in school from preschool to 12th grade choose a culture or theme to celebrate and perform in May. This year Aya's preschool class were little rock stars. I didn't have my camcorder charged and ready that morning so I could only take a few short video clips and a couple pictures. But they did a great job and it was so cute to watch them dance.

Somehow Aya always knows, even when I'm far away, that I'm taking a picture of her. But I can always count on a good smile looking over at me ready for the camera.

Aya's BFF Braedon.

They are attached at the hip. They first met at 7 and 8 mths when Braedon crawled over to her, grabbed her and gave her a big squeeze and smooch at a family home evening get-to-gether with friends. With the exception of their love-hate relationship in their terrible two stage, they've become the bestest of friends and are inseperable at preschool.

After the show. Kashus wasn't quite feeling the camera that day.

Short video to come:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update on April...

So here's a mini run down of April. The months just seem to fly by. Aya, Kashus, and Justus are getting so big and beginning to really all play well together. Justus is getting big enough that the older two "allow" him to join in on their creative games. As much as I complain about having the kids so close in age, I do love the fact that they can keep each other company and keep themselves entertained. Of course they seem to love to fight as much as play together, which I'll be the first admit drives me nuts sometimes, but it keeps things interesting to say the least!

Here is Kash, Justus, and Aya bright and early watching PBS kids. They always sit way too close to the TV and for some reason all have to squeeze on this small sofa chair. Usually one of them ends up getting booted off but they all managed to remain happy this particular morning:)

Obachan came to visit us in April suprisingly early seeing that this little guy decided to come a month early. Baby Caleb Kurihara joined my sister Airi's family a bit early and was a mere 6 lbs. So tiny and so cute!

While Obachan was here of course the kids LOVE to play with her and spend as much time with her as possible.

Here are the kiddo's making mud pies in their cousin Kumen's yard.

Obachan helping Justus collect his mud pie ingredients.

April was filled with beautiful weather! We made it out to the beach quite a bit. I love the fact that I can walk across the street to the beach!

The weather doesn't look the greatest in these pictures but nonetheless here are some pics I took of the kids at the beach.

I'm sure Dean will hate me for posting these of him. Excuse his farmer's tan. He doesn't make it to the beach too often so when he actually does...I document it:)

Kash chillin on his "surf board" as he calls it.

Riding the waves in.

Uncle Marky and Justus

Aya and uncle Marky

Happy Easter!!

Okay so Easter was awhile ago but never too late to post pics right? I've been terribly busy lately and haven't had the time to update this blog. So here are some pictures from our laid back family gathering at my sister Yumi's house. It was a fun filled night of spending time with family, eating...of course and letting the kids enjoy a little egg hunting!

Kash off to a good start looking for eggs around the back yard!

Justus off to a slow start but with a little help he found a few too.

Aya had to fend for herself this year. But she did a pretty good job and seemed happy enough with the outcome:)

Cousin Rumi's loot...

The younger cousins show off their easter eggs!

Then it was time for some Easter grub! They LOVE spending time with all their cousins!!