Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What was HE thinking??

I have been horrible about blogging these days. I feel like lately my kids lives are speeding by and I have no record to show for it! Well not like this is so important to document but nevertheless a memory that will never be forgotten so I felt the need to blog.

So a few weeks ago my parents moved from their home in Seattle that they had lived in for 14 years so I thought not only would it be nice to get away for a weekend, but more so, I thought my parents could use a little help. Well I did it. I flew out for the weekend and got to spend some quality time with my parents and brother's family in Seattle, and we were able to get a lot of stuff packed up and organized at their old house. It felt like a productive week and although I missed my kids and husband, I thought it was well worth the trip...until I got a text the day before I flew back home.

This is the picture Dean sent me.

With it the message read "Please don't be mad, she's beautiful"

Well to put it bluntly I was totally mad. What man thinks they can just cut hair? Does he not understand people go to school for this? Maybe becuase I usually cut her hair he thought it was easy...I haven't the slightest...but seriously... WHAT WAS HE THINKING? And he used regular paper cutting scissors of all things! Anyways I saw the picture and was a little mad, then thought it didn't look too bad from the side angle. But I soon came to find there was a reason he took the picture from this side. It was so crooked that Dean had to take her to the barber to get fixed. I asked that he just wait till I got home the next day but apparently the damage was too bad for me to see because after they were done with it, it looked like this....

Ahhh.... I literally cried when I saw this text from him. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Who cut her hair? Supercuts of all places. No offense to supercuts but they usually have old Asian ladies that have absolutly no style in cutting hair. And of course Dean lets them cut however they feel necessary in order to fix it. I was horrified and so upset. Yes it's just hair, and yes it'll grow back....eventually, but it felt like someone cut my hair and didn't tell me. Dramatic you say? Yes probably so. Maybe it's the extra preggo hormones in me but it took me awhile to get over. So now that a few weeks have gone by I can laugh at the situation. But honestly let this be a note to all wives! You would think this would be common sense but I was horribly mistaken. Warn your husbands to never try the task of cutting hair by themselves...EVER!!

Even though Aya sometimes wishes her hair were longer so she could put it back, we make due with what we have left and put up like this most times. It's pretty much the most that will go up at once. :( And it hides the fact that it looks like a bowl cut if you leave the front of her hair down.

She IS still beautiful and I am very much looking forward to her hair growing back! This is the pic she asked me to take while waiting for her ride to come for preschool. She is getting so old too fast!