Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Kashus!!

Kashus Dean Daley came into our lives on January 22nd 2008. I can't believe my little boy is now three years old!

This was Kashus when he was 5 days old.

I think he looks so different in this picture than he does now.

A few tid bits on Kash...

Kashus is a daddy's boy. He love's to hang out with his daddy every second he gets. And Dean in return, loves to take Kash with him to run his errands, go to Scouts, or just spend father and son time together. From the moment he started becoming remotely interested in toys he loved playing with balls. His first word was ball. As a baby he'd actually sit and watch basketball games (the ENTIRE game), even on TV. Of course this couldn't make daddy any prouder to have him as a son. He began throwing balls soon after he started walking and had a natural athleticism about him. He could shoot baskets on his toy hoop before he was 18 months from afar. He still LOVES pretty much every sport out there and is so excited to start playing on a team. I love him so much and am so proud of the little man he's become!

For Kashus's third birthday we decided we wanted to do something special for him since we've done some pretty big parties for Aya. At the same time I didn't really want to have to do tons of planning or have to put too much effort into the party. So we decided that Gunstock Ranch would be the perfect place! We had pony rides, a mini petting zoo, and a pool party. Not much planning needed and the activities for the kids were already planned:)

As it turned out Kash's little friend Sophie from preschool was planning a party that same weekend so we decided to join efforts and have the party together. Her birthday was only 2 days before Kash's so it was perfect. We decided on a Toy Story theme since it seemed the most neutral for a boy/girl party. There were over 45 kids there and I would say the party was an overall success! Well...I actually had food poisoning from something I ate the night before so I was feeling horrible that day but besides that, it was an overall fun day for Kash and it's a day he will always remember!

Here is the cute flyer that Lisa (Sophi's mom) made for the party.

The only thing I had to prepare was the cake. I had originally thought of making a more elaborate cake, but decided against it. This is what I came up with. It does the job. It was a fun little project too:)

I made these little cupcakes to go with the cake too. Too bad most of them ended up being ruined on the way to the party. I won't mention by whom. Oh well, luckily I got a few pics of them before that happened!


SOPHIE: The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Boy!

He had so much fun riding the horses!

Kash's cousin Anna

All the eager pony riders


Cousin Luke



Cousin Jojo

Cousin Kela

His playschool buddies Noe and Nessa

Kash and Ezzy petting the horse



The little petting zoo

Poor little goats were cornered:)

Pin the Tail on Bullseye.

Swim Time!!

The pool had a cover and was solar heated so it was just perfect for the kiddos.

Thanks to uncle Marky, I was able to relax outside the pool area and hang out with Justus.

They had so much fun in the pool. They hold swim lessons there too so we may just have to enroll them.


Get it Kash!!

Sophie and Kash eagerly waiting for us to cut the cake!


(His buddy Alex)

That pretty much wrapped up our fun b-day party! Kash had a blast and totally fell asleep on the way home from our long and eventful day.
So did this little guy:)