Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our mini field trip to Sea Life Park

Our little playgroup had a field trip to Sea Life Park a few weeks ago. (I know I'm horrible at blogging and it's a little overdue) I haven't been there since back in college when we had one of our winter balls there. It seems like the place has significantly downsized from what I remember, but nonetheless, it was fun for us to get out and enjoy the sunshine and see the sea life they had to offer. Aya played hooky that day and joined in on the fun. I knew she'd be dissapointed if I didn't let her come.

Here are some pics of our short time there...

The big tank.
They loved looking in the glass at all the fish, sharks, and swimming scuba divers.

This is the way Justus smiles lately when I take pictures. Sometimes I can't even see his little eyes cause he scrunches his nose, squints real hard, and shows his teeth.

The Turtles.
The kids enjoyed feeding the huge sea turtles broccoli and lettuce. We stayed there for awhile...and even came back for a second peek at the end.

The Sea Lion Show.

The kids patiently waiting to see what's in store for them.

Tada... pretty impressive I'd say.
(This is the only pic I took of the sea lions) They did a little dancing, a little talking, and even a little painting.

The Main Event....
The Dolphin Show!!

It was the perfect day for the park. Not too hot and luckily pretty windy.
Just a peek at the view from our seats. It really is beautiful on that side of the island. It makes you realize how beautiful Hawaii is. I forget sometimes living in Hauula. (No offense to all the Hauulagins)

Sea Life Park's very own infamous Wolfin. Half killer whale and half dolphin. Looked just like a very big dolphin with a shorter snout.

Kash and Vanessa. His BFF. He always says that Ness is his best friend:) So cute.
Glad he's got good taste.

My friend Di and I with our chitlins.
Not a whole lot to see there but it was good enough for the kids and I.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka!

Christmas 2010 was a bit of a rainy one. I tried to keep the kids busy during Christmas break by entertaining them at home and occasionally driving down to let them play with their cousins. On Christmas I let the kids decorate their gingerbread house.

Here's our blank slate...

Before all the mess...

Aya was determined to make it look exactly like the picture on the box.

We soon realized it was a lot harder than it looked.

Nevertheless they had lots of fun making a mess!

It kept them very much entertained for at least a couple hours...while thankfully baby was sleeping:)

The finished product!

Not so much like the picture but we got an "A" for effort!

The little ghost ants seemed to LOVE it too, so we decided to only keep it around for a day before throwing it out.

Aya is my sleeper. Every morning I usually have to drag her out of bed which usually makes her pretty cranky. I think she gets it from me. Well...I know she does. But not today! She was the first person up and was a very happy camper THIS morning!
This was the ONE present she asked santa for. A music box. Where she got this idea from I haven't a clue cause I haven't seen one of these in quite awhile. But yes thankfully Santa was able to find one just for her.

Kash anxiously awaiting the green light to open one of his presents.

Baby Justus and his new phone.
(excuse the hana bada...he was a bit under the weather)

Aya's leapster. A fav among them lately. It keeps them well entertained. I'm not a fan of video games but it's kinda educational right? :)

Kash was very careful not to rip the wrapping paper too much.

Kash and his new set of tools! Now he'll have all the tools to help daddy downstairs.

Aya is always playing I got her the tools to go with her great imagination!

Can't forgot her favorite! Lip Gloss.

Justus sneaking one of the other kids' silly bandz.

Relaxin after opening all the presents!

After relaxing at the house for a few hours we headed off to my sister's in town for some Christmas fun with the Fam.

They LOVE their cousins!!

Justus and Auntie Jean.
We get to see her at almost all of our family get-to-gethers.
They love her!

They even had a little time for some ballet dancing apparently.
Rumi giving Aya one-on-one lessons. much yummy food.

Hangin out with the Akanas.
(courtesy of Airi...sorry I stole this from your blog:)

Me and my preggo sisters!
This is the second time we've all been pregnant at the same time...and mostlikely our last.
Yumi's about ready to pop anyday (Jan), Airi's due in April, and I am due in May.
And....we are all having BOYS!!