Friday, December 24, 2010

My little shepherds

This year our ward had a biblical themed Christmas party. They announced in church we were all supposed to dress up in biblical clothing and come prepared with blankets to sit on because there would be no chairs or tables to eat dinner. At first I thought "sheesh we just had Halloween and now I have to think of more costumes to make or find!" But since I just bought a new sewing machine I thought this might be a fun project for me. And it actually was pretty fun! I made all the outfits entirely from old sheets that I happened to have in my closet. Kash and Justus's outfits were made from pillow cases which I didn't even really you will notice in later pictures of Justus's outfit starting to fray. But overall it was super simple. And the miracle is...Dean even dressed up! Who knew he didn't mind dressing up as a shepherd?

My kids modeling their newly made outfits

Aya's of course had to have some kind of girly color in it or she wouldn't be too happy wearing it. I was trying to get ideas from the kids new testament book that we read every night with them and as I was pointing to the various clothes they were wearing, Aya decided right then that she didn't want to wear anything like that because it wasn't very cute. But luckily I happened to have the purple satin material from her birthday party:) Who knew I'd have such a girly girl.

Kashus modeling his new getup.
(Don't mind my huge mess. All my sheet scraps were everywhere when I was done!)

Daddy and Aya waiting in line to get their grub on.

Our family photo. Taken by Amber Mozo:)

The kids jumped in a photo with Auntie Kali and some other people from the ward.

Baby Justus exploring the nicely decorated rooms.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just call me Betty Crocker...

I love Holidays because it gives me an excuse to make sugar cookies. I LOVE sugar cookies! Growing up I actually used to bake a lot. Our good ol' Betty Crocker cookbook back home was a favorite of mine. Well three kids later...and on the way, I rarely get a chance to bake much. For Kashus's "playschool" we are having a cookie exchange for his christmas party and I thought it'd be fun to put some time and effort into the cookies.

Well with a lot of this....

And some more of this...

Ta da... It came out like this!

Not too shabby huh?

I know, not as good as Betty Crocker but it was fun.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas tree oh Chistmas tree.....

Christmas in Hawaii is just not quite the same. I love it here and yes it is home to me but I did grow up in Seattle where winters are freezing and everyother year we got snow. Apparently this year is one of those years. People have been stranded home because of the ice and snow and not able to go to work. I have to admit I was a bit jealous and wished I was there enjoying the snow, the cold weather, and drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. Oh well...maybe next year:)

This year we will be here in Hawaii enjoying the rain...cause that's what we've had for the past week it seems, and drinking hot cocoa by the tv. We did however pull out our tree a bit earlier than previous years just to get the holiday spirit in our house. (We actually have had it out for a couple weeks now but just haven't gotten around to posting the pics).

The kids had fun helping me figure out how all the pieces fit, since daddy was out making a home depot trip to town. I even busted out our christmas music for background music to make it feel more festive. And yes it's a fake tree. We don't have the nice "christmassy" smell but it's already lit, no mess and conveniently packed away in our shed.

My three little rug rats that drive me crazy sometimes but make me one proud mamma.

Justus taking down all the ornaments within reach as soon as we put them on. He learned pretty quick though that it wasn't okay.

Caught redhanded...again...
Kash's most recent attempt at smiling for pictures.

One of many pictures she asked me to take of her.

Kash kept doing this to this ornament and when I asked him what he was doing he said "look mommy, my face is getting bigger."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aya's Field Trip to the Bishop Museum

A couple weeks ago Aya had a field trip to the Bishop Museum. I was tempted to just let her go by herself but thought Kash would enjoy going with her so I decided to go and take Justus and Kash with me. I did have to chase Justus around a little bit as expected, so I was a little tired after the field trip but I think they enjoyed being out and spending time with their big sister at her "big" preschool.

Aya and her classmate Branson taking a quick break for snack.

Aya and Kashus riding on the large snail at the volcano exhibit.

The Lava tunnel in the Volcano exhibit.

Listening intently to the story about Volcanos.

Hopefully I wasn't being too disprutive taking pics during the story

Aya's bright beginning class. 22 very bright and very cute kids!

Kash, Jace, and Justus staring at the very large Volcano replica shooting out lava.

Kash's Playschool

Four other mom's and I have joined efforts in providing a "playschool" for the kids twice a week. We rotate and take turns running the play school and organize crafts and activites for the kids. It was starting to get too hot at Kash's old mommy and me preschool, not to mention tiring chasing Justus around, and this way I can drop him off for an hour and a half. He loves it and really looks forward to seeing the kids every Tuesday and Thursday.

This was their Thanksgiving craft at our house. Balloon turkeys.

Today we made little stocking ornaments and candy cane reindeer but I never got a picture of them actually doing them, so this picture of Kash will have to do.