Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our 2010 Halloween festivities pretty much consisted of our annual Hauula 4th ward Trunk-or-Treating activity on Thursday, Aya's preschool Halloween party and the Evans Halloween Bash on Friday night, then our family Halloween get together at Airi's house on Sunday. Although Laie actually welcomed trick-or-treaters on Saturday night since Halloween fell on a Sunday, we decided to skip it and hang out with just our family and relax. I was totally fine with the candy they already had and luckily our kids didn't mind staying home.

This year Aya wanted to be Dora and Kashus was Diego. It was all sort of last minute so thankfully we were able to borrow items from my sister and brother's kids for their costumes. Kashus also wanted to be boots since Aya was Dora. We even actually had a boots costume that my sister Yumi sewed for her daughter the year before, but at the last second Kash decided he wanted to be Diego since Diego and Dora were best friends. I tried explaining to him that Boots and Dora were more like best friends and Dora and Diego were cousins but I don't think he got it. Oh well, it's very cute that Kash and Aya are such good friends.

I didn't quite have a costume for Justus so I threw an outfit together. He became gangsta baby. I must say I was quite proud of the chain I made out of ribbon, cardboard, and a print out. Too bad he only wore it for 2 seconds before ripping it off. At least I got a few pics before that happened:)

Getting ready for trunk-or-treating! Aya took awhile to warm up and say "Trick or Treat" to everyone. But finally, after some coercing she did it :)

Friday night was the Evans Halloween Party. Dean HATES to dress up so you won't see him in any of these photos. So like last year's 80's party I was solo mio. But he came along and swam in the pool with Justus and socialized, while I danced the night away. Don't ask me what I am cause I don't know. Afro girl I guess. That was all very last minute too.