Friday, October 15, 2010

My little cheerleader...

My friend from the ward asked me awhile ago to do a mini cheer camp for little girls ages 4-6 in our area. Her daughter loved cheerleaders and dancing, and her husband was the coach for the Kahuku JV football team so she tried mightly to persuade me. I thought about it for a minute and thought it sounded like too much work and decided against it. Well, I was approached again and this time I gave in. I told her if she did all the organizing, planning and advertising, I would make up the cheers and dance and come and teach.

The cheer camp consisted of two weeks of practices, twice a week and the final performance at halftime at the Kahuku JV football game. We got another friend, Michelle Simmons from our ward to come help so it was a huge help! We taught them two cheers and a short dance all within 4 practices! I was a bit worried because of the young age group but the girls did great! It was a great experience for Aya and brought back memories for me. Here's some pics of the game.

After our thought to be "final performance" the girls got to strut their stuff at the BYUH foodfest as well.

KHS cheer and Raiders in the House cheer