Monday, July 19, 2010


I just wanted to apologize to everyone who read my blog in the last week for the inappropriate music that was on my blog! I usually listen to those songs on the radio which obviously is usually edited. Someone had to point out to me how much swearing was actually in those songs. So sorry! Hopefully now you can enjoy the pictures without having to cringe every time you hear an "F" bomb or have to cover your child's ears!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cali Trip 2010 (part 2)

My Kids love horses. Dean grew up with horses and just until recently had horses at his parents house that the kids could go ride on everytime we went back to his home town of Sebastopol. You could say Dean is a bit of a cowboy at heart...underneath the baggy basketball shorts, backwards hat, slightly crooked of course, and smudge free tennis shoes. I on the otherhand am actually secretly afraid of horses and will not ride on one by myself.

Well we couldn't make a trip out to Sebastopol without riding on some horses. In Dean's ward back home a wonderful couple let us come ride one of the many beautiful horses they train for the horse races. We rode one of the older horses named "Spanky" and the kids could not get enough. They took turns riding this horse over and over again for a couple hours. Dean enjoyed it probably as much as they did.

Notice Dean is still holding onto the reigns while I was riding the horse:)

Kashus even got to steer the go-cart around the ranch.
They bred these race horses on this ranch. All of them were born in January so these Colts were less than 7 months old!

Six Flags:Magic Kingdom

This is the second time we've come here and it was so much fun! It was an action packed day filled with tons of rides for the kiddies and adults and lots of different animal shows to watch. There is so much to do there that it was impossible to squeeze everything in in one day. We had a pretty large group with us though so I was able to sneak away to ride some of the roller coasters before the day ended :) I sadly realized after the third one that at 30 my stomach can only handle so much now :(

"Shouka" The Killer Whale

Hiking the "Hetch Hetchy" near Yosemite

After the reunion we stayed at Dean's sister Rachel's house for a couple days. It was so fun to catch up and let the kids play together. They literally live out in the middle of nowhere and pretty close to Yosemite so we decided to take a hike and take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Although the hike was a bit longer than we thought it would be, it was a beautiful hike and I'd do it again in a second. Dean on the other hand might choose to leave the kids home next time since he had to carry at least one child...sometimes two at a time while hiking up to the the falls.

Our Journey to the Falls...

This is how the day started out. Notice Aya was not too happy. She did not want to walk from the getgo. I quickly realized that noon was not the best time to start a 5 hour hike.

The journey begins...

Not even a quarter of a mile in and Dean and Rachel are already carrying Aya and Kash on their shoulders.

A mini waterfall on the way

Stopping for lunch. It was much needed energy for the kids.

Gangsta Lizzy and her posse:)
Already looking much happier after eating!

Tommy, Payton, and Kash

Not even half way yet!

Finally reached the top! Well...the top of our destination anyways.
The water fall was so full! We got completely soaked by the water fall!
(This is what most of the hike was like with Dean carrying baby in the carrier and Aya on his shoulders... and me carrying Kash)

It was so beautiful here!

Dean was trying to find ways to get up on this rock and it was a little freaky. He said he could've done it, maybe me shaking my head from afar deterred him from trying too hard.

On the way back from the falls, we found a cute little water hole and slide that the kids could enjoy!

Lizzy on the slide

The end of our 5 hour journey at the Hetch Hetchy! Long and we were all exhausted, but it was definitely worth it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cali Trip 2010 (part 1)

In the beginning of June we were able to get off this rock for awhile to go visit Dean's family in northern California. It was a crazy yet relaxing two weeks filled with visiting family, catching up with old friends, and camping. I loved every minute of it! We had a lot of fun with his family and the kids loved spending so much time with their daddy!

A Day at the Park

On our first full day in California we took a walk to the park and took some pics of the kids. Here are a few!

My Aya papaya

Sometimes they drive me crazy cause they love to wrestle which almost always ends up with someone in tears. But most of the time I am grateful they are so close in age cause they love to play with each other and are best buds!

My handsome boy.

Every day she gets older I worry about having to shoo away the boys. I know I'm biased but she is too stinkin beautiful. Sassy... but beautiful!

She is my poser.

My Haole Boy

He was lovin the swing!

Marky's Graduation

The baby of the family is all grown up! This makes me feel so old! The first time I met Dean and his family Mark was only 6 years old. Mark is such a good kid and my kids love him! We are so proud of him and are so excited to see what the future holds!

Ryan, Dean, Mark, Donny, Don

Grandpa and Tita

Us and the Analy Graduate

Turner Reunion

One of the main reasons for going to California was for the Turner side family reunion. It seems that this year will be the beginning of many annual reunions!

This was the first time in a long time that all the siblings were in one picture! I cannot fathom bearing and raising EIGHT children...especially seven of them boys! It takes a special woman to raise 7 boys! Thank goodness Dean's mom had Rachel to help keep them in line.

Grandma and Grandpa with all but one grandchild, Matthew, who stayed home with his mommy.

Lovin the sunshine!

They had so much fun in the kid friendly lagoon. We stayed there ALL DAY while everyone took turns going out on the boat.

We were lucky enough to have a boat to ride on at the lake. Aya was all up for riding on the intertube with me right up until Corianne and Lizzy fell off. Oh well, maybe next year! I on the other hand had a blast on the tube and got a pretty darn good workout holding on for dear life.

It isn't real camping unless you've got smores! Poor Justus was pretty sick the whole time we were camping so he doesn't look too happy in any of the pictures. Kash and Aya had so much fun playing with their cousins and exploring nature. It was so beautiful where we were and it makes me miss the mainland.

But something I must say I love about Hawaii is....

....we don't have any of these!

Thank goodness for that! We were camping in Rattle Snake territory! But this is a King snake and apparently they eat Rattle Snakes so we were supposed to be thankful they were slithering around our campsite. Somehow I still didn't feel so safe. Needless to say I never went walking around after dark by myself.

I must say that the reunion was a success! It was fun spending time with everyone on the campgrounds, cooking, cleaning, and eating together. On the last night we were able to hear stories from Grandpa Turner and have one last campfire together. We are hoping the reunion tradition continues and are looking forward to having many more memories like this one!

Especially memories like this!
Aya loved hanging out with her cousins Kenny and Lizzy!

During our stay in California we got to stay at Dean's brother Donny's house for a few days. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins Tyler and Owen.

Kash and his cousin Owen (only a couple months apart)

Tyler, Kash, Aya, and Owen

Justus sportin his 3-D glasses after watching Shrek #3.

The San Francisco Zoo

I must say I wasn't all that impressed with the San Francisco Zoo. Being that San Fran was a big city I thought they'd have more animals and more to see, but it was still a nice day and the kids had fun. I forgot to empty my SD on my camera before we went to the zoo so I didn't get to take too many pictures from the day but here are a few.

Our trip to Cali to be continued... (Too many pics from our trip to post all at once)