Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day we will never forget...

I wasn't going to post this on my blog because part of me was ashamed and embarrased for what took place yesterday. As a parent and guardian over your children you can't help but feel completely responsible for anything and everything that happens to them. But as I was laying in my bed at 4:30 this morning alone since Dean and Kash were at the hospital, not able to sleep, and constantly replaying the things that happened yesterday, I couldn't help but think of the miracle that this incident was. Although I know I shouldn't dwell on the negative aspects of this incident, I shouldn't forget them either, no matter how hard I sometimes want to. I need to aknowledge the Lord's hand in my life and be thankful that we are always being watched over by Angels.

At 8:20 I quickly rushed out the door with Aya to take her to school. Dean was suprisingly still home so I asked him to watch the other two kids while I took Aya to school. I ran down the stairs with Aya, buckled her in, and began slowly reversing. I felt a small bump under the car as I was reversing and thought that was wierd cause nothing shouldn't have been behind me. I paused for a second and heard Kash screaming and crying. I frantically got out of the car (as the car rolled forward almost hitting the shed in front of me cause I didn't put it in park at first) and saw Kash sitting up crying while holding his leg. My heart dropped and I could only imagine the worst. The worst possible thing just happened that you only hear about and think to yourself "I can't believe that happened." Well IT did and IT happened to US. Dean and I usually thought ourselves to be pretty cautious parents and usually ask each other to check behind us for other kids or make sure we are holding on to our kids when the other person is backing up. But this time Dean and I didn't realize Kashus had followed after me when we walked out the door, and I must have been buckling Aya in while Kash was coming down the stairs toward the car.

We rushed Kashus to the hospital and the miracle is, he sustained No serious injuries. No broken bones, No other body part hurt besides his poor little leg, and No fractures of any kind. His leg was pretty badly bruised, swollen and had some scrapes but that's it. Poor Kashus went through a lot yesterday with not only the whole accident, but with doctors and nurses poking him and trying multiple times to get IV's in his tiny hands and legs with no luck. Despite the circumstances he is a tough and happy little guy. I can't help but think of all the "What ifs" that could have taken place, but what I DO try to constantly focus on are my blessings. I'm so blessed to have a loving husband, 3 beautiful healthy children and Kashus still here with me, as healthy as can be, who I can't help but tell "I love you" to every second I look at him.

I didn't take too many pictures of him because he wasn't too happy but here are a few.

First Day in the Hospital :(

His leg just before being discharged the following day. A little less swollen and looking much better.

Kash as happy as can be!