Friday, April 30, 2010

Going Green....well trying to anyways.

We have a good friend Carol who works for the Kokua Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Jack Johnson and his wife to promote environmental education to schools and communities out here in Hawaii. She actually went to school with him at Kahuku High School and has been working with him for a few years now for this foundation. Anyways, I feel like every time we'd go out for a girls night and Carol was there, I'd always learn something new about either the environment, or the food we eat, or what new projects the Kokua Foundation was working on, and I always end up thinking I need to be better..."Greener". She actually initially introduced me to the movie "Food Inc" which she invited me to watch at a nearby school. I actually didn't watch it until my friend Di told me it was on Netflix. To say it was an eye opener was an understatement. I strongly suggest anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it.

Anyways Carol hooked us up with some tickets to the Kokua Festival which is put on every year by the Kokua Foundation. We got the VIP treatment with free drinks and food and really nice seats. This year Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, and Taj Mahal performed and all the proceeds were donated to the Kokua Foundation which is then used in our communities. They even helped to fund Hawaii's state wide efforts in recycling which was just implemented this year. Just for my family alone, I've decreased our waste size completely in half and now fill up our recycle bin more than our garbage bin almost. What a great Foundation! I can't help but think that if only ALL those that had the influence and funds such as Jack Johnson in this world could use their stardom to become such a powerful tool in making a world a better place!

Here are some pics of the evening...

Easter 2010

I know I'm posting this kinda late...but where do you find time with three kids!
Well this year we celebrated Easter at our house since my sister Airi was out of town. She has the bigger house so we all tend to go to her house for all the get togethers...but this year for Easter we all squeezed in my house. Our yard was a bit of a construction zone but we managed to make it work for our family's annual easter egg hunt. Here are some pics from the event.

Nakamalei part 2

These pictures were taken awhile ago but better late than never right!
Kashus had a field trip to Gunstock Ranch with Nakamalei a month ago. The morning was filled with swimming in the pool, horseback riding, and playing with the animals in the mini petting zoo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Na Kamalei

One of the greatest things about not working is the time I get to spend with Kashus and Justus while Aya is at school. Even though somedays when I'm feeling lazy I question that thought, I really think Kashus especially, needs my attention and needs to be around other kids. Boys are so active and seem to definitely need that extra stimulation and interaction that's obtained from playgroups and preschool. So my friend Di introduced me to Na Kamalei which is a "mommy and me" preschool that her daughter Vanessa goes to and Kash LOVES it. The days that he doesn't get to go he complains that he doesn't get to see his friends that day. It's sometimes a lot of work taking the two kids there but it is sure worth it!
Here are some pictures of some of the activities we've done so far...

At 2 years old he can already write his letters! Just kidding ...I helped him.

Kash probably trying to sabotage Vanessa"s painting. Good thing they are such good friends!

Best Buds!

Learning how to plant seeds at Discovery Garden.

Aunty Elena giving them sunflower seeds to plant.

Field Trip to Kualoa Ranch

Kash was a little scared to feed the animals himself but he sure liked watching them eat!

The huge pig we saw roaming around the Ranch with her piglets.

The petting zoo portion of the ranch had cute little rabbits and guinea pigs to pet. And yes Aya is playing hooky from school. She's got another year of preschool still so a couple days here and there ain't gonna hurt right?

Easter egg hunt at Discovery March.

The bunny creation they made...or I is the case with most of the art activities there.

Aya cheesin it with her colored eggs! I think my kids enjoyed eating the eggs more than coloring them.

Much more Na kamalei pics to come!