Friday, March 19, 2010

Under Construction

This is what our house looks like...well, with the exception of a few additional pieces of siding and windows which has been installed since I took this picture. Poor Dean has been working on the house every spare minute he has which includes everyday after work (most of which in in the blazing hot sun) until it gets dark, and then on the weekends. (Excuse my lack of picture taking skills)

These are the scary stairs that I have to climb multiple times a day, sometimes with groceries, sometimes with sleeping children, and sometimes because I forgot something in the house. The only positive thing about these stairs are the few extra calories I burn from running up and down them so often. I can't wait to move downstairs when it's finished! (These are the temporary stairs)

Here is my handsome hubby hard at work doing what he does best!

Trying to keep daddy company while he works. We got sidewalk chalk, bikes, and chairs down there. At least the kids get to see daddy even if they can't technically hang out with him!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Life is all about progression. In some form or another most of us want to progress to that next step in life whether it be in school, work or in our relationships. Dean and I had recently come to a point in our careers where we had to analyze where we are now, where we want to be in the next 5 to 10 years, and what we had to do to get there. We had decided awhile back that "someday" we'd own our own small construction company that would build only a few homes a year, preferably our own spec homes. Well as of May 1st 2010 that time will finally present itself! Of course things are never as easy as merely setting goals and then achieving them, but succeed or fail, there is no turning back now.

We have been with Evans Construction from the very beginning, when the accounting was scribbled down on a pad of paper and we only performed small remodels. Now it's grown into a large company that usually has up to eight on-going projects at a time, most of which are full house builds or extensive remodels, and is constantly turning down work. It's been such a great experience and honor to grow with and be apart of the success of EC. With me having done their books for so long while Dean working as their foreman, we've been able to learn so much from them and are sad to be leaving. There are so many mixed emotions with this decision that it pretty much covers just about every emotion possible.

The name we've chosen for our company is Noma Home Builders. Where did the name Noma come from you ask? Dean is from Sanoma county in California. It's different but it has somehow stuck with us and no longer sounds wierd to me. :)

We've posted the finalists from the possible logos we are deciding on and hope you can help us in our decision of which one to choose.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Friends are hard to come by

Dean and some co-workers had planned a trip out to Tahoe to go Snowboarding back in early February. This was all in the midst of moving all our junk back into out lifted house and still having to juggle work and my three kids. Timing wasn't the greatest for this trip. But a week or so before he left I called a good friend of mine from Seattle and talked her into coming out and staying with me while Deano was away. Desiree and I have been friends since we were in high school and have kept in touch ever since. She is one of those friends that it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen them, it's always like old times and it feels like no time has gone by. She was such a big help with the kids and it was so fun to catch up and reminisce on the good ol' days. She was even here for my 30th! Yes I said 30... I know, SO OLD RIGHT? I feel old. I have three kids, I'm always tired, and I swear my skin feels like it has less elasticity and more sun spots.
Anyways while Desiree was here we celebrated my B-day along with Dean's good friend Zac who's birthday was on the 12th, at a little restaurant called Shorebird. It was right on the beach in Waikiki and you actually cook your own meat on this huge grill. It was different but kinda fun. Next time, as a future side note, I think I may want someone else to serve me on my birthday instead of cooking my own meal though.

Here are some pics from the evening...

Gotta love the iphone! Our new york steaks turned out superb with the timer!

Me with my new hair cut! Thanks Des!

Here are some other fun things we did while Desiree was here...

We ate acai bowls at Sharks Cove. Sooo yummy!
Went to the beach of course...

Ate yummy food!

Hiked Diamond Head

To be continued....Some old school pics of us from back in the day.... :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Short and Sweet!

My little boy is getting so big! Well big in a sense of older that is. Just because he may only be in the 24th percentile he sure makes up for it in coordination and personality. Kashus turned two on January 22nd. We had a very low key birthday celebration at the Evans Home, since we were homeless in January, and invited a few friends over for cake and ice cream. I blew up a bunch of balloons, had the kids make up a bunch of games, and they all went nuts! It was short, sweet, and to the point. Kash didn't seem to mind and had a blast! His favorite gift of the evening...a basketball of course. To say he loves basketball would be an understatement. This kid LOVES to play, watch and practice dribbling and shooting the basketball all day long!
One of these days I'll get the motivation to load a video of him shooting hoops.
Here are some pics of the evening...


So I've been terrible at keeping up with this blog because so much has been going on and so much has changed since this year has begun. Where do I begin?
Well for starters, we lifted our house. For those mainlanders who aren't familiar with the term or used to seeing houses lifted in the air here are some photos. We are lifting, enclosing the bottom, and adding on a first story dwelling underneath.

After trying to explain to Aya and Kash that we had to move out of our house for a little while since they were lifting our house, they came to the conclusion immediately after watching the movie "Up" that we were lifting our house with balloons. Needless to say Aya was a little disappointed but that thought soon dissipated as they saw our house teetering on crates.

In the beginning of January we moved out of our house and moved into the "Evans Hotel," as some would call it, with their never ending lineup of guests. Dave and Amy were really nice in letting our family of five join their family of seven in their new beautiful home down the street from us. We stayed there for a month, (bless their hearts) and moved back into our home in the beginning of February when the house was dropped and the foundation was secure.