Monday, September 28, 2009

Life with Three...

I've always heard going from two to three kids was going to be tough so I've pretty much expected it. I think overall I've handled it well with the exception of a few days where I thought I've just about lost it with my kids. Kashus was having a hard time adjusting to not getting as much attention as he used to so it's been a little hard for him. Justus is now 4 weeks old though and Kash has been doing a lot better. Still a little whiney but much better than he was. Aya has been a good little helper and always wants to hold baby and help me with Kashus...especially when it comes to scolding Kashus. I really get to see what my weaknesses really are when I have a 3 year old repeat everything I say and mimic everything I do. No wonder why parenting is such a humbling and learning experience!

Here are some updated pictures of the kids.

After church we sent the kids off to their room to take a nap. We went in to check on them a few minutes later and this is how we found Kash...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to the family Justus Jet Daley

Justus Jet Daley was born on August 29th at 6:58 pm. He was 8.5lbs and 20 inches. (Since Dean and I couldn't come to an agreement with the names we both liked, we came to a compromise and decided to use both names, Justus as the first and Jet as his middle name. Dean calls him Jet and I call him Justus. Hopefully he won't get too confused.)

The Natural Way...
I can't say that I have the highest tolerance for pain, but somehow I was able to endure 3 labor and deliveries epidural free. My whole family for the most part have delivered their children without the use of drugs as well...which has meant faster labors, faster delivery, and faster recovery. This definately isn't always the case with going natural but I guess we have been lucky enough that it has been like that with me and my sisters.

Here's how it all went down...
I woke up at around 6am Saturday morning to a fairly strong contraction and knew I pretty much was going into the early stages of labor. Since we live an hour away from the hospital we packed up our stuff and headed down to my sister's house which is only 10 minutes away from the hospital so we could be closer just in case. One of my sister's gave birth in the car and my other sister gave birth just 10 minutes from arriving at the hospital, so I wanted to be prepared. My contractions were still only 5-8 minutes apart for awhile so we ended up hanging out at my sisters for 5 hours or so until my contractions got quite a bit stronger and we decided to head over the hospital. I ended up having to walk around for a little bit there and they admitted me to the hospital about one and a half hours from arriving there. I endured about an hour and a half of really painful contractions and was dialated to 4cm when the doctor said she could pop my water to speed things up. With Kash, two contractions after they poppped my water I basically was ready to push so I eagerly agreed. Justus's head was too far down and they couldn't properly pop my water so I labored for another half hour or so...which felt like eternity with all the back labor I was having. It got to the point for the first time in all three labors where I asked them for a little bit of the IV drug so I could ease some of the back labor. Literally a few minutes after it was injected in my IV I felt the urge to push, but then began to feel instantly nautious, loopy, and still feeling all the pain. I definatly won't take that drug again. The good thing was, I pushed Justus out in 3 contractions so he probably wasn't affected too much by the drug they gave me. Overall I guess I can't complain about my labor and delivery. I am sooo happy that it is all over though and feel so much lighter! Recovery has been good...besides a little back soreness and Justus is such a good sleeper! He sleeps 4-5 hours at a time so I can't complain!

Here are some pictures we took. Sorry there are so many.

Waiting around at the hospital

Minutes after giving birth

One proud daddy

Auntie Yumi with Justus

...with Obachan

...with Aya and their cousin Anna

Aya with her new baby brother

The boys

Justus with auntie Yumi and the girls

Auntie Airi, uncle Atau, and cousin Riho

Most of the cousins...the nurses were pretty suprised to see 15 kids running around my little hospital room