Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Little Baller

Kash's very first word was ball and since then has called everything round a basketball. He likes watching basketball on tv, points to the raised basketball hoop at chuch and yells "basketball!" in the middle of sacrament, and plays with his hoop at home every day shooting the basketball rather than dunking it lately. Without much coercion he has been become obsessed with any form of ball and of course Dean couldn't be any happier.

Here's a video we took yesterday. He has been dunking the basketball for awhile but just recently we started raising the hoop higher so he could learn to shoot it. Yesterday we raised it to the highest this little toy hoop could go and he's learned how to make the basket at this level. It's fun to see him grow up so fast! Needless to say Dean is one proud Daddy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th!

This is how our Fourth of July morning started out...
Dean had been promising me that he'd make me a platform bed for some time now, but due to side jobs, scouts and other things always coming up on the weekends he hadn't gotten around to it. So finally this past weekend he started making our bed. He finished most of it within a few hours so all that's left is a headboard and some stain! With me getting so big, it'll be nice to be a little elevated off the ground since our mattress is currently on the floor.

After that we headed over to my sister Airi's house for some yummy BBQ,fireworks,karaoke and lots of fun with the family!
Here are some pics from the evening...

Kash getting a chance to hang out with his daddy and try sparklers for the first time!

Me looking hideously huge at 32 weeks.

Enjoying the fireworks...

Aya havin fun with sparklers!

Aya's cousin Anna not so much...

With 14 little munchkins from our family running around and an additional 6 kids that came to the party, it was a little bit of a war zone of smoke and sparklers shooting in every direction.

Kash spending time with his uncle Marky.

It's been so nice having help around the house especially with the kids! Dean loves it too cause he gets to boss around his baby brother for the third summer in a row...sorry Mark!

Aya's favorite dessert...ice cream! Just like her mommy!

Eating rice krispy treats and hangin out with daddy.

Daddy's little girl! She is getting quite the personality!

Never too early!!

Kashus just made 17 months and a few days ago we decided to slowly introduce him to potty training. He has been telling me when he goes poo poo lately so I thought I'd try and see if he'd actually go on the toilet and he did! I know it'll take some time and we don't want to rush him but with #3 on the way I'm not looking forward to changing diapers for two. He is getting to be such a big boy!