Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One year closer to 30!

Today I turned 29 years old! I feel like I am finally starting to feel old! I feel like the skin, the body, and the physical energy are all going down hill from here on out. I am sure the kids have helped to speed that along. Birthdays tend to make me reflect on the past year...and I have to admit that I feel very blessed especially in these economically hard times! We're so blessed to own a home, blessed for Dean and I to be employees of a wonderful company that stays busy year round and allows me to work from home and stay with the kids, to have such a wonderful husband who treats me well and works so hard, to have two beautiful children...and another on the way, and to be surrounded by so many wonderful people here in Hawaii!

It was a nice relaxing birthday though of hanging out with the kids in the afternoon and going out for dinner and a movie with Dean. I love that we have so much family out here to help with the kids when we need them! Such a simple birthday but just what I wanted!

This must be how happy we look on date night with no kids!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The EC Benefits.....

Every year Home Depot invites all the top contractors from different regions to the pro bowl and some of the festivities leading up to it. Since Dave, our boss, was off island we went in his place and were invited to a luau at the Hilton Hawaiian last night. Every year they have a special NFL player come and meet all the contractors and he takes pictures with them, signs autographs and answers questions. The special guest this year was Kurt Warner from the Arizona Cardinals. He was a really nice guy, very religous, and seemed way down to earth. It was a fun experience and best of all they had lots of yummy food!