Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kashus!!

I can't believe Kash is already ONE!! It was Kash's 1st Birthday on January 22nd. We had a mini celebration on his actual birthday with just our family and a couple friends. On Sunday we had his actual birthday party with Kash's aunties and uncles and his 13 other cousins. It was nice and simple.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

We are still on Vacation here in California and it seems as though I have been gone from Hawaii a little too long. You would think I would get used to the cold weather after being in it for almost three weeks now or having grown up in Seattle should have somehow helped me in some way but I can't say that it has. I am more than ready to head on home to the warm weather and finally sleep in my own bed. Poor Dean has had to listen to me complain about being cold everyday. But I have very much enjoyed being able to spend time as a family and spend time with Dean's side of the family here in California. We've had some fun fun times here in Cali and I thought I'd try to post some pictures before I go home because I know I will be swamped with work and taxes. Here are some pics of the time we've spent here so far.

Christmas Morning!!

Santa only brought a few presents this year since we didn't want to travel home with too much stuff, but the kids enjoyed them just the same. Aya got more pens, coloring books, stickers and little note books to write on...which is her new favorite thing to do. And she also got her very own Little Einstein laptop...so she can stop playing with mine. Kash got some toy cars, a book, and daddy's thought of the ultimate perfect gift...a basketball. He is loving it though which makes his daddy very proud.

Our Trip to Tahoe...

We decided to head up to Tahoe for one night and all snuggle up in a one bedroom cabin in Tahoe complimentary of Evans Construction. It was really roomy and the loft had more than enough space for all of us to sleep comfortably. The funny thing was when we got there, we realized one of the pipes were broken and we had absolutely no water to work with. No toilets, showers, or washing hands. It actually ended up being kind of fun figuring out how to get water and melt enough snow to use for the toilet. It was definatley quite an adventure!

Here we are melting snow!

The next day we got to play in the snow which the kiddies were really looking forward too! We went to a place where there were a lot of different sledding runs to choose from and a perfect one for the younger kids. Kash had a ton of fun going sledding and wasn't the least bit scared. Aya on the other hand was a little more timid but enjoyed herself once we persuaded her to go down a few times.

After Tahoe we were able to spend a couple nights at Dean's brother's house in Rancho Cordova near Sacramento. We were able to spend some time with his grandparents and see a couple other friends of ours. Aya and Kash got to also spend more time with their cousins Tyler and Owen.

Here are some pictures that Dean took of Tyler's four wheeler that Aya and Kash got to ride on. I was inside doing a little work while Dean played with them outside.

The next few days were pretty relaxing. We didn't have much planned except going to Dean's little brother's basketball games and going to the park.

This a park near where Dean's parents live. It was a perfect location with a pond filled with ducks to feed, swings, slides, jungle gyms and lots of other stuff for the kids to do to excert some energy.