Sunday, June 29, 2008


Aya is finally fully potty trained!! After what seemed like a couple months of switching back and forth from pullups to regular diapers and then to underwear I finally decided it was time to cut out everything and just put her in undies and she hasn't had any accidents in awhile! She tends to get a little lazy sometimes and needs a little coercion or bribe in the form of popcicles but it seems to have worked. Despite some of the stresses and frustration that comes with potty training I'm definately glad we did it already because one child at a time in diapers is plenty for us.
I tried getting pictures of her baggy undies because they look so huge on her.

Here are some recent pictures I've taken of the kiddies. Kashus is now 5 months! Time flies! He is such a happy baby and sleeps through the night now!

Here is Aya in her cousin's diva glasses. She was giving me attitude while taking this picture and it shows.

Aya loves holding Kash. She asks to hold him almost everyday. It's fun watching them interact now because Kash is getting much more aware now as he gets older. Sometimes when I'm working Aya will entertain him for quite awhile by being her crazy hyper self and he'll just laugh and squeel the whole time. It's quite entertaining for me too.

Dean's youngest brother Mark is staying with us for the summer. He's been a great help around the house and with the kids while I work.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Aloha oe...

You will definately be missed!

Last weekend we had a "going away dinner" for our good friend Misty. Dean and I met her way back in our freshman year in college in '98 and she was my roomate for 2 years. Since Misty luuuuvs to tell everyone the story of how Dean and I met I will tell those of you out there who have yet to hear it from the lips of Misty Maloney (Krey).

Dean became friends with Misty first and he supposedly told her of his slight attraction to me at a women's BYUH volleyball game which in her words were these.."see that cheerleader over there..she's hot." Not quite sure how cute I looked in the ugly cheer getups we had back then but we had unofficially met at our freshmen orientation group. (It doesn't quite make sense how we ended up in the same orientation group since Daley and Sakuma or not even close to eachother...maybe fate?). So, crazy outgoing Misty thought she needed to make sure I knew who Dean was and decided to introduce herself to me and tell me about Dean's crush. I wasn't quite interested at the time, which I clearly mentioned to her, but she proceeded to awkwardly introduce us to eachother at a school dance. To make a long story short, although we didn't start dating till the next semester, we have her to thank for our awkward yet memorable introduction and so many fun memories together that we will always cherish! Thanks for your friendship! Even though you were all the way over in Kapolei, we will definatly miss having you here!

And for kicks here are some old pictures that I dusted off from college when we were roomates. (I couldn't use a lot of them because of a certain someone that happened to be in most of them)

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's abnormal about this picture?

No...Dean doesn't have a shirt on and yes...he is actually at the beach with us! Dean actually took the rest of his "1/2" day Friday off to spend time at the beach with us. We don't get too many family photos of us at the beach so I had to take advantage. Although Dean probably doesn't love that fact that I posted pictures of his cute farmer tan. Dean doesn't have a shirt on that is really his skin. Our friend Kamaile, who I'm sure most of you know, came back to Hawaii for a month from Seattle to visit her family, so we got to spend time with her and her cute little son Marcus at the beach. We didn't get out to the beach till late in the afternoon so it was perfect weather and wasn't too hot for the kiddies.


On Saturday since Deano was working yet again, we spent some QT with family at Haleiwa beach park. What better way to spend our free time than at the beach! The highlight of our short stay at the beach was the turtles we saw swimming right along the shore. It was really neat to see so many so close to the shore. We didn't stay long because it was skorching hot that day.

Aya and her random obsession...

These are just a few of the many photos of Aya with random things on her head. She has a random obsession with putting things on her head. It's actually pretty funny becuase she usually does it when she is super hyper and will leave it on for awhile. She has quite a personality.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So I recently started giving Kash foods already. It seemed as though he was getting a little frustrated at night usually around his nightly feeding time and I felt it was time to supplement him with something. So it may seem a little early since he is only around 4 1/2 months but he definately seemed ready. I started with bannanas then, squash and peas. Aya never liked anything green but he seems to pretty much like everything so far! We'll see how long that lasts.


Well summer is here and I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more photos like these. Notice Dean is never in any of these beach pictures...Poor Dean was busy working while I took the day off from work to hang out with family and play in the sun! It was a perfect beach day at Magic Island and my friend Amy had just given Kash the cutest bathing suit ever so I had to try it out and put him in the water for the first time. The water was a little cold for him at first but he got used to it pretty quick. Luckily my little haole boy didn't burn because I caked on the SPF since he was blessed with his daddy's complexion. I on the other hand don't tan as well as I used to and got a little fried. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the cute sun glass tan I got from the day. It was pretty bad and has yet to go away.