Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on the Daleys...


Kash is now 3 months old and getting bigger by the second it seems. He is so smiley and an overall very good baby. He actually rolled over from tummy to back for the first time a week ago! He is so much like daddy it's almost scary. We call him the asian Dean. Dean's very happy to have a son that looks so much like him. He definately is a lot more fair in complexion compared to Aya but we haven't taken him to the beach yet so who knows?


Aya is soon to be two years old on May 27th. She will be having a joint birthday party with her cousin Anna in a couple weeks since they are only a month apart.

Here is a collage that we are attaching to the b-day invitations that my sister Yumi put together.Lately Aya is such a goof ball. She loves taking pictures and posing for the camera. She is soooo loud that Dean and I have to tell her to be quiet pretty much throughout the day, especially at night since we have a renter next door. I'm not quite sure where she gets it from because Dean and I are pretty quiet people for the most part. But she's very outgoing and loves being around people. She's been a really good big sister to baby kash and helps me out a lot with throwing away diapers and putting his binky back in his mouth.

Lately Dean is ALWAYS tired. I get annoyed sometimes because he is always sleeping or falling asleep...sometimes even when we are having a conversation. This picture was taken at around 6pm right after work. I call him an old man because he tends to fall asleep around 7-8 or anytime he sits down on the couch. But I must say I'm very grateful for such a hard working husband. He works long hours and works on the weekends helping family and neighbors with their construction projects, so really, the only break he gets are on sundays. Thank goodness we don't work on Sundays or we'd never see him then either.


Well as for me I recently had a surgery, if you can call it that, on my shoulder. I've had a bump on my shoulder for almost 2 years that started out as a mosquito bite. The doctors don't know what it was but I got it removed yesterday in a very short 40 minute surgery, and I'm very sore today. I basically have use of only one arm, but good thing I work from home. They are running tests on the tissue they romoved so I'll have the results in a week or so.

That is the happenings of the Daleys for now. Hopefully I'll get better at posting more often...

Here are some updated pictures of our house from the back. This is actually the back of our house but we never use our front door. I think this house could have been designed better. Our rental is the door on our right.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Okay so I felt guilty not responding from being tagged...I think this will be my first official time filling out a questionaire like this, but at least it's not about me. It seems way too long though so it may be my last.


1. How long have you been married?
We've been married since December 27, that makes it a little over 4 yrs.

2. How old is he?
27. He likes to tell everyone he's into older women cause I am 3 mos older than him.

3. Who eats more sweets? depends on what kind of sweets. He likes the sugary non fat kind like sherbert, licorice (not quite sure how to spell that), starburst, airheads, skittles, etc... Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE ice cream, and can't resist pretty much any kind of dessert. So say it's pretty much even.

4. Who said I love you first?
It's been so long I can't really remember. But it doesn't sound like something I would do first. Dean pretty much initiated all the "firsts" in our relationships, which he never lets me forget to this day. Does that seem sad that I can't remember this?

5. Who is taller?
Dean is definately taller. I am only 5'2" and he's 5'11" and 3/4. He's always gotta add the 3/4" in there. Poor Dean will have to settle with point guards from our family.

6. Who can sing better?
I would say me. He doesn't like to sing much...although he does get a little excited and sings abnoxiously loud when a country song he likes comes on the radio or hip hop...but that isn't really singing.

7. Who is smarter?
I think he'd agree that I have the brains in our relationship.

8. Who does the laundry?
Me. Unless he gets tired of having no clean work clothes and washes them himself.

9. Who does the dishes?
I do them 95% of the time. That percentage is slowly decreasing over the years.

10. What are his hobbies?
That's actually an interesting question because we were just talking about how he needs to take up a hobby. He used to play basketball a lot but lately all he does is work...even on the weekends. In his spare time which is slim to none, he looks forward to weed wacking our yard...I know so boring. His co-workers try to get him to pick up surfing but he doesn't love the idea of swimming with basically he doesn't have any hobbies.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He does. Not quite sure why this would interest people.

12. What are his guilty pleasures?
If this is talking about food, I'd have to say 7 Eleven nachos and coke slurpees...or maybe it's mine. We live 1 minute away from 7 Eleven and visit them frequently. If it's not talking about food then I'd have to say the show "Friends." Thanks to Isaac and Tera Turley we will forever watch all ten seaons over and over again until...well...I'm not sure anything can stop him from watching those dvd's.

13. Who mows the lawn?
Dean weed wacks. Our lawn tends to get a little too out of control for our lawn mower to handle.

14. Who is his best friend?
Me of course.

15. Who cooks?
Unless we are having Mac n Cheese, I do.

16. Who drives?
He does when we are together. I don't think he cares for my driving...or maybe cause he says I have road rage. It tends to get worse when we are on the mainland or in traffic.

17. Who wears the pants?
I'd have to say we make all our decisions together so we both do.

18. Who kissed who first?
He did. This would fall under one of the "firsts" that he initiated. Unlike question #4 I do remember this one...

19. What was your first date?
We hung out a couple times with other people for awhile before really "dating," but our first official date was on my birthday. He used to be quite creative back then in the days of "wooing."
He took me out to dinner and we went to the beach where he had a miniture birthday cake waiting for me. I can't remember all the details but I remember I was quite impressed. It was almost 10 years ago so I probably should go back to my journal and jog my memory.

20. Who proposed?
Dean did officially but it was no surprise. We had been dating for 3 years before our missions and wrote each other every week for two years while on our missions. We pretty much knew after having matured over the years when we got back from the mish that we wanted to get married. We got the ring together because Dean knew, from past experience, that I was kinda picky when it came to jewlery. But he did do an official proposal a month or so before the big day. It was pretty creative.

21. Who has more siblings?
He does. He has 8 and I have 5. If he had his way, we'd have 10 kids.

22. What is your favorite thing about him?
Anyone who knows dean knows that he is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. He rarely says anything bad about anyone and is always willing to help others. He definately makes me a better person and keeps me in check when I'm not being the nicest or have my road rage moments. He's also very talented and built our very first home! He is such a hard worker and is always willing to give up his free time to do side jobs, investment projects or just help neighbors and family with their construction projects. Here are some pics for those who haven't seen our house.


.....during construction....

I don't seem to have any pictures of the finished this will have to do for now until I add those later.

Thanks to Dean we are very fortunate to be able to own a house in Hawaii!

Or two for that matter. Here are pics of our second house in Kapolei that we rent out...It's a little scary looking before we renovated it. Dean worked on this house every weekend for 2 1/2 months and got help from family and friends.


And After.....

I tag everyone who reads this!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daddy's little princess...

Aya has so many girl cousins that she is bound to be a little princess and play dress up despite all of Dean's efforts to make her a tom-boy. Thanks to her auntie Yumi she even has those plastic high heel shoes she likes to wear all over the house with a purse in one hand and a cell phone up to her ear. Too bad I don't have a picture of it...

Kash is now 11 weeks old. He is sleeping a lot better now at night. I was afraid the 2hr feedings would last forever, but he now only wakes up twice a night. Poor kid has no hair someone else I know...I guess that's what I get for making fun of other babies who have this hair line. He definately has his daddy's genes.

Aya washing her hands after going "shi shi" on the toilet. She almost always goes "poo poo" on the toilet now which is great for us. Not too many stinky diapers to change anymore...except for Kash of course.

Lately all I hear from Aya is "I wanna read book!" which is great that she loves books but sometimes sounds like a broken record. I feel like such a bad mom sometimes because I get so busy working from home but she usually finds ways to entertain herself. She also likes to pretend to read to Kash on her new little couch/futon we got her.