Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow...

We decided to take a trip to Seattle this winter to spend time with family and it just so happened that we came during the coldest time ever!! It doesn't usually snow here in Seattle but of course it snowed when we are here visiting...Don't get me wrong...I love the snow and the cold sometimes but I think a couple days of it and then I'm over it. Not to mention it seems to screw up my plans of shopping and visiting friends. It is actually supposed to snow a lot more this week! Yikes! But Aya seemed to have fun playing in the snow with Anna and Kela. Yumi and her family came up for a few days as well, actually on the same flight as me, so it was nice to have help with the kids on the plane and its been nice for Aya to have her cousins to play with. They leave tomorrow morning so I'm sure she will be a little sad.

We got to see some actual reindeer! It was actually my first time seeing a reindeer and we thought it would be fun for the kids to see them too. Too bad Aya was a little too grumpy to enjoy it. She had just gotten woken up from her nap.

Aya with her Ojiichan

My baby boy all bundled..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Aya's first dentist appointment!

Aya had her very first dentist appointment this week amidst all the chaos going on. She did such a good job! She went in the back with the hygenist all by herself while I filled out the paperwork. I was so proud of her! And the best part was, she had no cavities or signs of developing any! I hope I can keep it up!

Mrs. Party Planner...

This week was a crazy busy week! I was in charge of our company's (EC) annual christmas party so I was running around all over the place getting final decorations, prizes, and miscellaneous items for the party while trying to fulfill my other responsibilites in the office. The party was on Friday and despite the few comments I received regarding the food, I must say it was a big success! The night consisted of dinner, 2 games, and 4 different raffles. I definatey am glad it is over. And I definately couldn't have done it without help since there were quite a few activites and so many that attended. I wish I had taken more pictures of the evening but I was too busy coordinating everything that it completely slipped my mind until it was half over. I did take a picture of the raffle display board I made. Thanks to Yumi with the wonderful idea of the background and letting me borrow her cricut machine...I was quite proud of how it turned out.

I had pieces of paper covering these prizes. This pic was taken after they were already revealed.

Here are some pictures of the ginger bread house decorating contest. I thought it would be fun to see construction workers get creative building and decorating a different kind house than they're used to. I was worried they would think it was dumb but they all got into it!

Kelii presenting his group's gingerbread house.

Dave presenting his barn replica.

The winning team due to their creativity and hilarious presentation!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is what happens when I don't keep an eye on Kash for 2 minutes...and when daddy doesn't pay attention and forgets to keep his food away from our little monster. He somehow managed to find a way to climb up on the couch and get into Dean's egg salad sandwich and quietly began eating while watching tv. Can't really get mad at a face like that.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aya's first hair cut...

I've been wanting to cut Kash's hair, again, since the last time we shaved it becuase it's still a little thin and getting kinda long so we decided to cut it last night. Anytime we give Kash attention or make a big deal about something he does she usually wants to do the same thing so she asked for a hair cut just like Kash's.

Kash's new hair cut and his snaggle tooth

Kash's first basketball game...

Dean's already got big plans for his son...

Kash got really excited and clapped everytime the crowd cheered...it was really cute.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This year Halloween seemed to be a bit thrown together since I pretty much decided on Aya's costume the day before Halloween. I was given the tiger costume as a hand-me-down a couple weeks ago and it went to good use. I think next year I will try to be more creative and possibly even make something...maybe. Well despite my procrastination Aya had lots of fun with the cousins trick-or-treating in Aiea in a condominium complex that was perfect for the kiddies. We had a mob of kids with 14 just in our family and at least 15 or more of my sister's friend's kids.

Halloween was a two night ordeal for us with the ward party on Thursday and then trick-or-treating on Friday. Aya was a little cranky in some of the pictures from Thursday night. We woke her up to go to the ward Halloween party and she didn't quite know why she had to dress up like a tiger. But as soon as she saw candy she definately had no complaints!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I can stand all by myself!"

Kashus is 9 months tomorrow and he learned to stand up a couple days ago! As of yesterday he's been doing it more consistently. He is getting so big so fast. He definately has quite a strong personality and loves to scream, laugh and gets excited everytime Aya comes in the room.

So I know I've been complaining about work lately but...I can't complain too much cause what other jobs let you make your own schedule and go to the beach during the week? My other high school friends came into town this week from Seattle and we got to hang out with them at the beach yesterday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes I feel like...

I am losing a piece of my sanity a little at a time. I'm sure most parents...mother's especially, go through this. Most of it is self inflicted and I know it's my fault. I sometimes think I can do more things than I possibly have time for, which adds to my stress and of course trickles down to my family. I feel like I am constantly working whether it be for Evans Construction, or my own personal things (plural) on the side, and of course during all this madness, Kashus is teething and not sleeping as well as usual at night. I definitely believe boys are weaker than girls cause I never had issues with Aya when she was teething. I must say though that Dean has been a great help around the house lately with the kids, giving me massages, and... I don't even have to ask him to do the dishes anymore! Hopefully someday I won't have to work as much...

Well despite all the work I was able to make it out to Pipeline beach on the weekend with a friend of mine from High school who was visiting for a couple days. Luckily we live in Hawaii and I don't have to go too far to relax at the beach!

Mmmm....Yummy Matsumoto's Shave Ice!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're goin to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

As if I hadn't taken enough time off from work already with the vacation and all, I decided to take Aya and Kash to the Honolulu zoo with their cousins Hugo and Anna anyway. We hadn't been there in awhile so Aya was old enough to actually enjoy it this time and was able to recognize almost all of the animals versus only knowing the farm animals last time. We didn't stay too long but it was a nice breezy day and the perferct amount of time to make our rounds.

I also included some pictures from Aya's friend Mahea's 2nd birthday party at Gunstock Ranch. Me being a bit overprotective, I made Aya wear the helmet so she looks a bit like a bobble head, nevertheless she had lots of fun and didn't want to get off the horses.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to C-Town

It seems like everytime we go on "vacation" it never feels like an actual vacation because we are either doing projects...like painting...or we fill up our vacation time with crazy schedules of going everywhere and visiting everyone that we never quite get to relax. So this time as usual our vacation time was spent in Seattle spending time with family as well as seeing only a few friends... and of course, my little project to do some minor fixing up to help my parents sell their house. I felt bad putting Dean to work on his week off work, but in all reality, I don't think that is possible when you are in his line of work. But it was definately nice to get a break from working and spend time together as a family...even if it was while doing a little physical labor. Here are some pictures of the time we spent there.


My parent's house was built in the 90's so there was waaay too much oak in that house. We painted as much mouldings as time would allow. The house is 3200 sq. ft. so pretty much only the downstairs got painted. But it looks much better...even with the bright green couches.


We booked the ticket thinking we'd only see my brother Makoto's girls who we only get to see once a year but to our suprise, my sister Yumi and my brother Atau ended up going to Seattle as well. It was a lot of fun for Aya and Kash to have so many kiddies around in one house...and much easier for us to get painting done with Aya occupied.

Snoqualmie Falls

The weather was suprisingly so nice when we were there so we took advantage and drove up to Snoqualmie Falls.

Plum pickin

The kiddies picking plums in the back yard with ojichan. Yum Yum!!

Eating out again and again and again...

Eating out gets a little tiring but at least I don't have to cook! Yeah for vacations!

Silver Lake

Picnic with the fam at Silver Lake. They had a huge play ground for the kiddies to play on...I should have taken more pictures.

The one big thing I miss about the mainland...

Shopping!! The mall next to my parent's house...literally down the street...has been drastically renovated within the past few years so I didn't have to travel far to go shopping. My little helper carried some of the smaller bags for me.

The cutest beanie...

I've been looking for a beanie for Kash for forever...and I found this one at the Pumpkin patch store. It was a little pricey but sooo cute. Aya loves hats so I got her one too...not as cute...but she loved it just the same.

The dreaded 10yr...

Dean had been dreading going to my highschool 10 year reunion from the moment I booked my ticket to go. I didn't know what to expect since the few friends that I actually keep in touch with from Highschool didn't even go, but it was actually kinda fun and nice to see some old friends. Some people didn't change a bit so it literally felt like highschool. Suprisingly Dean said it wasn't that bad. Thank goodness for football!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 years ago yesterday...

Dean and I met ten years ago yesterday, August 25, 1998, in freshman orientation at BYUH. Suprisingly Dean is the one that reminded me of that and suprised me by taking me out to dinner yesterday! We ate sushi...mmm... my choice, and took the kiddies with us. Dean doesn't have the greatest memory when it comes to details sometimes so I'm very flattered that he remembers that specific day as well as what I was wearing. I can't believe we've known eachother so long!
Since you gotta have a picture with every post here is one of us from back in the day. Ahhh...so young...except I think Dean actually hasn't aged much.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More babies!!

Congratulations to my sister Yumi and her baby Jolee, and my brother Atau and his baby Luke! They are two weeks apart and I've been meaning to post these for awhile since they are already 6 weeks and 4 weeks old. Our extended family is definately growing rapidly! It seems like every year we have at least three additions to the family. My parents now have 17 grand children.

I can crawl!!

Kashus is now 6 1/2 months old and crawled for the first time a few days ago! He is growing up so fast! He's been scootin all over the place and stands up on everything now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling guilty...

Lately I've been feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my kids. My family seems to think I'm crazy for working from home and trying to keep up with my kids. I do feel blessed being able to work from home and still stay at home with the kids but also feel guilty not spending enough quality time with them instead of trying to occupy them with toys or tv while I work. (Although when I do find other activities to do with them I usually feel guilty not working.)
Aya is now getting to the age where she wants to hang out with anybody and everybody, and be anywhere but home. So when I do plan activities for her during the day that basically leaves me nights and naptimes to get work done. The other day I had to go into Kaneohe to get my car's oil changed so I decided to meet up with my sister Yumi and her two kids to let the kiddies play at the mall. They have a new kiddy play area there and a pet store right next to it. It was definately way too crowded but they seemed to have lots of fun. Here are some pictures from the afternoon at the mall.


For FHE we decided to take a walk to 7-11 to get some treats and then walk to the park to enjoy them while Aya played on the slides. It started to rain right when we got there so we took cover for a few minutes and luckily it's Hawaii so it stopped raining within 5 minutes of it starting.


Here is what happens when I neglect my child while I'm working. Kash got into some color pencils.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nice relaxing weekend...

It's been really nice these past few weekends because Dean hasn't been working on side jobs so we've been able to relax at home as a family. Plus it's been a nice break for me. I love my kids but also love being able to pass them off when I need a breather.

Dean's youngest brother Mark has been staying with us for the past month and will be here for another month. He actually returns home the first day of school, which we weren't aware of when we booked his ticket, so we get him for the entire summer. He's been a great help with the kids and around the house. Dean loves it cause now he has someone he can boss around...I'm sure just like old times.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy belated Birthday Kela!

Aya's cousin Kela had her 4th Birthday party this past weekend and it went considerably well despite the circumstances of that day. My sister gave birth 2 weeks early (lucky her)the morning of the party to her third baby girl. So happy birthday to baby jolee as well!! Sorry no pictures yet, you'll have to stay tuned for a later post of those. Kela was so excited to have her party that they decided to have it anyways and it was a fun filled afternoon of swimming and yummy food. These were just a few pictures from the party.