Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Kashus!!

Yes, it has been almost 1 year since I've last posted. Five kids ages 7 and under will do that to you. I know I haven't documented Nixon's birth yet either but that will come "when I have time."  :)

Today is Kashus's 6th Birthday! I can't believe he is six already!
Here is what we got him.
He's been riding a little 12" bike for some time now so he was definitely in need of an upgrade.
My morning was consumed by me, making this cake. I wanted it to be fun and creative yet easy so I came up with this. The kids loved it. Can't ask for more than that:) 

Laie Elementary has started a healthy program that encourages kids to eat healthier. Although I completely support the program and what it is ultimately trying to makes "treats" and "goodie bags" kind of hard. This was my last minute attempt to put together a healthy treat for Kashus's class for his b-day in lieu of cupcakes.
Kash and his buddy Sol Hannemann after school. They are ready to partay!
This year we let Kashus invite five of his buddies to a new place in Kapolei that opened up called itrampoline. It was a huge hit and the kids had a blast!

Even Knoxy had a blast jumping!

Kash and his buddies Joey and Sol and Justus waiting for their turn to jump in the foam pit.
Not as easy as it looks to get out, but SO worth it!!
This is where we spent the majority of our time.

 Knox just made up his own rules and liked to switch sides throughout the game as well as tagging out his own teammates:)
 Dean had no mercy on anyone! Poor kids never had a chance!
In action...
They worked up an appetite. Pizza for dinner!
 The party gang!

Obachan was a huge help in watching baby so I could jump too:)

 Justus and Joey

 We let Aya invite a friend so she wouldn't get "bored." Her good friend Nalei from class came to join in on the fun.

 Aya photo bombing my picture of Knox. Loving his orange soda-stache.
 That's his "smile"
 Brotherly love...
 Marky is off his mission and is here for a few months to work with Dean. #3 and #8 in a cute pic together. 
 Loving how Joey is "helping" Kash blow out his candles;)
The party was a success! Everyone had fun and all the kids were worn out and tired by the end and ready for bed when we got home!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Mother's Proud Moment...

A Mother's Proud Moment...

Some days I think, "sheesh these kids don't listen! Is anything I'm teaching them actually sinking in? Do they act like this at school?" Well, I'm sure most of what Dean and I tell our kids goes in one ear and out the other. And I only pray that all the FHE lessons and teaching moments we do won't have been for no reason, and that they will be the polite, respectful kids we try and raise them to be.
Today I am a proud mother of a wonderful kid. Here is a letter from one of Kashus's teachers at Bright Beginings. I am so lucky to be his mom!
 This is what it read...

Dear Brother and Sister Daley,
     One morning as we were settling down after clean-up, I asked the children why we need to listen to the teachers.  Kashus immediately raised his hand and when I called on him he said, "Because it brings us closer to Jesus."  I couldn't believe I had heard that amazing response, so I asked him, "what?"  He again responded, "Because it brings us closer to Jesus. That's what my mom and dad always tell me."  The spirit was so strong that I had to testify that he was right! Thank you!

My Kashus.
Crazy, energetic, athletic, and super snuggly.  I think I will keep him:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Justus Birthday

Happy Birthday Justus!!
Justus came into our lives on August 29, 2009. I can't believe he is three!! He is such an energetic fun loving kid. He loves to play with his siblings and mimic everything they do. He is so loving and will randomly say sweet things to me almost on a daily basis like, "I love you Mommy," or "I missed you mommy," when I come back from a short errand. I am so blessed to be his mom.
 Our little family birthday party
 Sadly this was our best picture we could get with all of us looking in the direction of the camera:)

Birthday Party!!

For his actual birthday party we went to Tiki Island on the Kaneohe Marine Core Base. We just invited the cousins cause it wasn't cheap! But they loved it and it was perfect cause no one was really there. We practically had the whole place to ourselves!
 We got to play minature golf. They had two courses and the kids ran around like crazy to each hole. It literally was chaos with balls going everywhich way but it was great cause no one was there to get in our way!
Bumper Boats!!
 Their favorite part by far was the bumper boats! The ride usually only lasts 5 minutes, but again, no one was there, so they let us keep riding the whole time! It was so great! The kids got cold cause they were soaking wet, but they couldn't get enough!

Time to Grub...
To eat we had chicken tenders and fries. It was pretty yummy. Even Kumen's tummy was happy:)
Cupcake time...
 It's so great to have so many cousins around! No need invite anyone else when you have so many cousins to celebrate with!




Summer Fun!!

Summer Fun!!

I didn't go to the beach very much this summer but we went with almost all the cousins before school started back up.  The kids couldn't get enough of playing with their cousins in the scorchin sun! We love Magic Island. It is one of my favs!!

Knox and Kaden

Aya and Yumi were twinkies:)

 It was such a beautiful day!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

We got chickens!!

I've always wanted to have chickens. Well, let me rephrase. I've always wanted to be able to have fresh eggs without all the added hormones and antibiotics that come with store bought eggs. Not to mention the organic ones I buy at the store aren't cheap! So Dean finally gave in and let me buy some chicks. The kids were super excited and I think it'll be good for them to learn how to take care of them.
These chickies were 2-3 days old when we got them. They were mailed in from Texas to a store in Kaneohe. We got a Plymouth Rock-brown eggs, two English Leghorns-white eggs, and an Auracauna-blue green eggs. They are so cute when they are so little and fuzzy.
 Here is Aya cuddling with them. They love to cuddle together in your lap.

 Kash's turn:)

 We usually took them out in the day time to let them roam around in the grass, but only when the sun was out, otherwise they needed the brooding lamp on them.
 Minnie, Chipmunk, Lucy and Kate.
(Aya has this thing with the names Lucy and Kate. It's usually her "go to" names when she is naming her dolls or playing house:)

Kash with Minnie.
Minnie is the nicest out of all of them. She lets the kids hold her more than the others.

Their outdoor play time. We like to let them roam and eat the grass and bugs a couple times a day.

May 2012

May is one of the busiest months it seems in our family with school ending, different performances to attend, and three birthdays to celebrate!

Dean's 32nd Birthday!

I didn't have candles so I improvised with tooth picks!
Yes I'm ghetto and grown ups get shafted when it comes to birthday celebrations, but it was the thought that counts right? 
 The main thing was we got to spend time with family:)
Mid-chew shot of our birthday boy. 
We got to eat some yummy Japanese food to celebrate his B-day. 
Ok, so it was my selection but at least he likes Japanese food too!

Kash's Preschool Pre-graduation

I say pre-graduation because even though he participates in the graduation, he has yet another year at Bright Beginnings Preschool. I love this school! He has really excelled here and is loving meeting new friends and participating in all the activities they do. He is already starting to form words and read very simple books. I love that he'll be so prepared for kindergarten when that time comes!

Kashus age 4

A few of his little buddies

Aya's moving onto 1st grade!

Aya and her cute Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Kristen. I was a bit worried about her attending Hauula Elementary School, but we are pleasantly suprised at the program there and her teacher.
She did really well and has continued to excel in all her subjects at school. Her teacher said she was a little bit shy at first but throughout the year she opened up and did great!!

Spring Olympics 2012

Aya participated in gymnastics this year and is doing really well.
She is in level 3 now and loves practicing her cartwheels and backbend kickovers.

Her Class


May 27th is a big day here in the Daley household. Aya and Knox both share the same Birthday!!

For Aya's birthday we decided to let her invite some of her closest friends and cousins and let them get pampered at Pigtails and Crewcuts in town. It was nice to not have to plan anything. We just took them to the store and they took care of the rest! The outfits were a little more shabby than I would have liked, but the girls didn't seem to mind and had a blast!
Here are some pics from the day...
Getting her make up done
Getting her hair did!
 Her BFF Quiksey getting her hair done
 All the stations. Nail, Makeup, and Hair
Strike a Pose!

 Jojo lovin the pampering and over the top make up!
Pizza break!

The Queen bee and her cute friends!

The runway walk

Can't believe my little girl is 6!

Knoxy boy!!

 Happy Birthday to my now one year old Knoxy boy! He blessed or lives couple days early one year ago today and get's to celebrate along with his big sister Aya on May 27th!
 We love him to pieces and love the energy and fun personality he brings to our famly.

Dare I let him eat it on his own?...
Goin for it...

He approves!

The after math...